Negative Effects Of Consuming Alcohol

If you think that drinking keeps you away from pain and sorrow, think twice. Alcohol will have various negative effects on health, your social and family life, work and other day to day activities. If you have been thinking of stopping but found it hard, you can always consult specialists who will help you in it. If you need more reasons to stop, here are they.

  • Health effects
    The negative health effects due to alcohol are endless. Your digestive system will experience bloating, diarrhea; you may have breathing difficulties, cancer, brain damage, hallucinations, heart attacks, strokes and the list goes on. The last thing you need to go through is a slow painful death so keep these in mind the next time you have a sip of Chivas regal 18 year old bottle.
  • Addiction
    Addiction to alcohol which is known as alcoholism is the next stage if you keep consuming. Alcohol releases hormones that make you feel good which is why you will make it a habit of consuming more and more. However, the long term effects are immensely adverse. Your life will depend on alcohol and you will not be able to function as a normal human being. You’ll feel drowsy all the time, you’ll find it hard to concentrate at work or studies and most importantly, you will be in your senses. This can cause fatal accidents. You can always seek for medical help or join rehab.
  • Family problems
    Nobody would like to live with someone who isn’t in his senses most of the day. You will start staying out till late, lack focus on your kids and sometimes have severe mood swings that make you fight with your family members. On a physical note, your sex lives will take a tumble.
  • Depression
    The happiness you feel while consuming some Japanese whisky is very short lived. It will often leave you feeling lonely and depressed. Depression is no joke since it can push you to death too. It is obvious that you will be difficult to stay around with so your family may abandon you and this feeling of loneliness can result in anxiety and depression. You may have suicidal thoughts or start having hallucinations.
  • Legal issues
    Possession of illegal alcohol and drugs can get you into serious trouble. Also, if you drive under the influence, you may cause fatal accidents, bear legal fees such as fines, lose your driver’s license and even lose your job is you are caught being intoxicated while at work. Alcohol is fine as long as you limit the amount and occasion.