How To Plan A Pirate Themed Birthday Party

If your child has ever watched Captain Jack Sparrow we know what type of party they would want for their birthday. This would be a pirate themed party. As parents, you may think that it sounds like a cool idea. But you may have no idea of how to go about planning it. However, you should not worry. That is because you can find out all you need to know through the internet.

Send Out Invitations

After you look at the best birthday function rooms Melbourne you may be thinking about sending out invitations. That is because parents ideally need some time to prep for a party. However, when it comes to a pirate themed party you cannot simply call people and invite them. Instead, you need to send out pirate themed birthday invitations. If you are not within a set budget you can definitely purchase them. However, if money is an issue you shouldn’t give up on this idea. Instead, you should think about creating the cards right at home. This would not be a big problem as long as you have internet. Furthermore, you can also recruit your child to help you. This way it would be a family project.


When it comes to a children’s birthday party many parents don’t look at venues for hire in Melbourne. Instead, they opt to host the party right at their home. That is because otherwise, they would have to spend a fortune on a third party venue. Furthermore, in this way, they would have more money to spend on other aspects of the party. However, if you are worried that you won’t have space there is another option available. That would be to host the party in your backyard. This way you can let the kids run wild without having to worry about them breaking something.


When it comes to decorations you can hang the pirate flag all over the venue. Furthermore, you can even have a treasure chest with fake jewellery placed in random corners. If you like you can even place toy parrots here and there.


One of the best ways to create a pirate atmosphere would be by asking the guests to dress up as pirates. If not, you can even have a few eye patches and costumes at hand for the guests to change into. This would then make everyone feel as if they are really on board a pirate ship.Planning a pirate themed party may seem like a challenging task at first. But if you follow this article you would realize how easy it is to plan.