How To Change You Without Losing Yourself

If you are a normally functioning average human being, you are probably filled with insecurities. Many psychologists agree that an individual’s greatest critic is their own self. Therefore, it is only fitting for you to know your shortcomings and unappealing features. If you are one of those individuals who are just suffering your own judgments along with unhelpful affirmations from others, then here are few ideas for you to enhance your looks and increase your self-worth.

Know what works for you
When you are planning to renovate a place, you cannot blindly go and bang every wall you see. You need to see, observe, plan and execute the changes. Similarly, if you blindly go to a parlor and ask them to fix you, it will not help you. You need to do your basic reading and get your facts and priorities straight. For example, if you feel like you do not like your hair, you need to understand if you do not like your hair because of its color, volume or just the hair cut you are spotting. If it’s the color, you can color your hair. If you are not sure if you want to color your hair then you can add Hair Extensions in Chirnside park which will also help increase your hair volume.It is the modern trend to have skin with a natural shine which comes from tanning. If you are worried about your skin looking pale and sickly, you can try natural tanning. However, if you are a busy person, then you can try to spray tan in Ringwood. It is better to try it for the first time at a tanning salon rather than to do it on your own. However, if you are Asian, you would want to look paler and whiter, which can be accomplished with the help of natural remedies or parlor remedies. It is important to know what you can pull of and what you should keep away from. Though in the modern age, if you regret doing something, there is always a remedy available unless it is in the internet, then you are bound to face the ridicule.

Project self confidence
If you had noticed, in prison yards and school playgrounds, the people who look like they are bigger would not pick someone their own size. They would always pick up that person who looks like they will die if someone dares to talk to them. The bully would not choose someone with self-confidence. When you have a sense of self-confidence projected, you can always downplay your weaknesses and your fears which would throw you out of most people’s radar.Apart from these, it is important you take self help ideologies and positive – philosophy and psychology. It is also important to make sure, you learn to respect your choices and your ideas. If you don’t, who else will? If you think everything fails and if you start questioning yourself and your importance, get help from psychologist or counselors because sometimes, it is just in your head and you are over analyzing things. It is alright to question yourself but it should not ruin your personal, social or work life. If you are comfortable in the person you are right now, do not change for the society and its view. Remember, you are the only person you have to please (please refrain from using this statement to rationalize doing drugs). For more information, please log on to