Important Questions To Ask A Local Moving Company

Gone are the days when you could simply wake up one morning and contract the services of a moving company. With the surge in the number of rogue moving companies, it has become essential for a person to ask various questions before enlisting the services of these companies.

 Is the company a mere broker or does all the moving?

In as much as brokers play a crucial role in providing you dependable information and connecting you with various companies, they cannot in essence give you an estimate. A broker does not also compensate you in case of any losses or damages. You should therefore ask the company in question whether they are the actual moving company or simply brokers. Visit this page to find out more details regarding the right moving company.

 How much is the quote for moving furniture and goods?

Of course, you do not want enlisting the services of a company that gives you an outrageous quote when moving locally. You therefore need to ask for a binding quote. However, you should never accept over the phone or quotes that say they won’t charge you above and over a given amount. Mostly, these quotes are frivolous and at best outrageous. Visit the company at their premises and let them give you a quote based on the goods you will be moving.

 Do they have the equipment to carry awkward or heavy goods?

This is a very important question especially when you have items in your house which are awkward or overly heavy. You need to find out if they have the right tools, the right trucks and the right personnel. You definitely do not want a situation where on the appointed day, there is no available equipment to carry your goods yet time is running out. 

 What form of payment do they accept and what are the terms?

You should always ask furniture removals company this question so as to plan in advance. The good thing would be to settle for a company that accepts a number of payment methods. If the company you are dealing with only accepts cash, you should look for one that accepts a number of payment modes like say credit cards. This is essentially to cushion you in case you don’t have cash with you or you prefer payment through credit cards.

 Is there an insurance amount in the quote?

Asking your moving company or house movers NZ if they are offering some form of insurance on the quote will give you peace of mind. Be wary of companies that provide blanket quotes and are not committal whenever you ask them the issue of insurance.
 What are the remedies in case an item is damaged or lost?

Of course, you want a moving company that gives you assurance on the safety of your goods. However, you also need to know what the remedies are in case your items are damaged or go missing. This will go a long way in ensuring that you understand the compensation procedures, and know what to do in case of any eventualities.

All these questions help you in making an informed decision when choosing furniture removals company and know what to expect in the process of moving.