4 Important Tips To Consider When Studying For An Exam 

Taking an exam is always a stressful time for a person. You can however make it less stressful by improving your studying practices. If you study for your exams in an efficient manner that is effective it will help you not to feel unprepared and give you confidence to sit for the exam well. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you are set up for success in your next exam. Do a syllabus review One of the first steps to improving your studying habits is to get organized. Go through your exam time table and check the dates and how much each grade they are worth for example; your PTE practice test. Note down these dates in your planner or calendar and have them displayed somewhere prominent so that you won’t have them sneak up on eventually. It’s important to have review sessions at least a week in advance of the exam date. Mini review sessions will help you pan out your study time for a longer period than cramming everything last minute. 

Pay attention during class hours Paying attention in class comes as a no- brainer but this is one of the most important tips that can be given as the pointers and knowledge you get in class will be retained and come to immense help during exam time. Be an active learner and get as much information practically in classroom discussions such as for a PTE academic practice test. The more information you absorb early on, the less studying too as most of the information you would already know. Check out more here http://englishwise.com.au/. Good note writing skillsWriting good short notes is in itself an art. Learning to take notes will help you understand better so try to put in as much writing as you can on what the teacher says or her presentation slides. But don’t get so involved in writing that you forget to listen. Once this is done, go through your notes daily to reinforce the information fresh in your mind. Closer to the exam, ask your teacher a few questions; about the format of the exam, the credit, how they are graded and so on so that you study with those important factors in mind. Organize your study areaKeep your study area clean, quiet and organized and remove anything that may cause a distraction to you. This means getting rid of your mobile phone when studying so that you don’t keep checking your phone periodically for text messages or social media sites.